Dude, what's up with your name?


Elephant on a Harley, badass!

This place is born of India and America and so is our name.

Everything we are and do is a combination of places so far apart they might as well be on different planets. All the old cliches about being of two worlds couldn't be more true than with us. We think that makes us quintessential Americans but it also makes it likely that we'll one day choke on our own internal paradoxes. And guess what, that makes us even more American. You don't get much further apart than Redneck and Ganesha. One being a vilified tribe of BBQ loving hillbillies and the other a revered vegetarian Hindu god of peace. There's bits we love of both worlds (BBQ and elephants but no BBQ'd elephants please...). And bits we don't (use your imagination).
Ganesha is often portrayed riding a mouse as his vehicle. The mouse symbolizes the human mind and Ganesha riding on it is supposed to represent the focus and stillness a mind needs to overcome obstacles. Since we're Americans, we made the mouse a Harley but the sentiment remains the same.